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Printmaking Links

Links to other printmaking sites

  • You will find this site a good place to start
  • The Printmakers Council

  • Aimed at recruiting new members and some information about forthcoming events.
  • Keith Howard's Non-Toxic Printmaking Page

  • This is an excellent site with a wealth of very useful information.
  • Prints and Printmaking Index

  • This site gives a library of reproductions
  • T N Lawrence Online.

  • Artist materials since 1859 - On-Line Catalogue
  • Art Q&A Links

  • Color Theory, Printmaking, Photography, Publications, Painting.
  • The Mid-America Print Council

    Printmakers, papermakers, book artists, students, curators, and collectors from across North America.

    Jean's Printmaking Page

  • Printmaking techniques and the works of Jean Eger
  • Bill Curr - Printmaker Gone Digital

  • A combination of etchings, photos and digital imagery.
  • Spencer Museum of Art Printroom Home Page

  • Printmaking in Kansas
  • The Japan Ukiyo-e Museum Guide

  • This site caters for those interested in traditional woodblock prints of everyday life in Japan.
  • Z*ACRYL Home Page

  • Mark Zaffron's research into simpler, safer etching methods.
  • TofKo

  • Manufacturer of etching and litho presses.
  • Praga

  • Manufactures of etching and lithographic equipment
  • Fine Press Bookshop Online

  • This is a catalogue of contemporary fine press books
  • International Fine Print Dealers Association

  • List of galleries dealing in original prints
  • O.J.G's Printmaking Info Page

  • Printmaking at Bradley University
  • Contemporary Lithography

  • Lithography is a beautiful artistic medium in itself, and should not be judged on its ability to imitate.
  • Prints and Original Graphics Terms

  • 20 easy-to-understand terms to help you become a more discerning collector of works on paper.
  • New Directions in Printmaking

  • Safer and Environmentally Friendly Printmaking Processes
  • Chris Mercier - Printmaker

  • Screen process printing, art editioning studio and cut vinyl bureau
  • Electroetch

    • Electroetch is a safe non toxic method of making intaglio plates of copper and zinc. It uses very low voltage DC current as the etchant. The method allows unlimited working of the plates.


  • A Dutch company, producing equipment for graphic art, like etching presses, lithographic presses and  relief presses.
  • Krajnc' original color lithographs

    California Society of Printmakers (CSP)

    Printmaker David Bull of Tokyo

    Computer Art Links

    Sue Gollifer:Untitled Gallery

  • University of Brighton, Centre for Computers and Creative work
  • Adobe Systems Inc

  • Home of the incredible Photoshop
  • Kai's Power Tips

  • Incredible Tips for Photoshop
  • PC Resources for Photoshop - Plug-Ins

  • Lots of incredible plug-ins
  • Computer Artworks Ltd.

  • Organic artist William Latham
  • Visualeyes Imaging Services

  • Fine Art Digital Printmaking using the Iris Printer.
  • General Art Links

    Mark Millmore's Ancient Egypt

  • Paintings, etchings, text and free screen savers. Subjects - Pyramids, Temples, Kings/Queens and Hieroglyphics (download Gifs and write your name in the ancient script. Also free screen saver for the PC. ).
  • Stinkfoot

  • A comic Opera by Vivian Stanshall
  • ArtNetwork:

    • marketing resources for fine artists

    Pollanen's Cyberland Art General Page

  • An abundance of culture here
  • ArtHouse Page

  • This a very big site and well worth a visit
  • World Wide Arts Resources

  • You will find them all here
  • Berkeley Square Gallery

  • Paintings. Sculpture, Master Prints, Business Art Consultants.
  • CAGE - Cyber Art Gallery Eindhoven

  • Well worth a visit
  • Gallery Online

  • Just as it says a gallery on line - have credit cards at the ready.
  • Art Now Gallery Guide

  • Each month this site is updated with the latest information
  • ARTscope

  • Free classified advertisements and online exhibitions for artists
  • Art Arena

    • A virtual gallery offering a diverse collection of art work

    ArtNet Italia

  • Contemporary art in Italy in English and Italian
  • Anton Krajnc's Atelier in Cyberspace

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