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ga_fern.gif (119682 bytes)California artist Lyn Bishop, took a backpack full of digital tools on the road to China during the summer of 1998.

The result is a limited edition of fine art Giclée prints and a companion web site featuring a gallery of digital art, photos and QuickTime panoramas.

"The world around me provides my inspiration. When traveling, I find myself wishing I had my tools with me." says Bishop, principle of Zama Online Design, a Bay Area illustration studio. Bishop traveled to China for 18 days to study ancient art and culture. To further her goal of combining digital techniques with some of the traditional arts practiced in China, she brought a G3 Powerbook, digital camera, graphics tablet, and software. "I just wanted to prove that new technologies allow the digital artist to take to the road." she says.

Traditionally, artists who traveled carried with them their easel, canvas, paints and brushes, and created artwork on location, or waited until returning home to create based on their experiences. Instead, this project challenged the artist to use new technologies to capture the inspirations found while traveling. The foundation of the trip was the ancient arts and culture of China, but Bishop's goal, indeed her vision, was to combine the ancient with the modern by using digital tools to capture the muse.

Bishop's background has prepared her for such an adventure. She has spent the last 10 years working with digital imaging techniques to become well-versed in the application of digital graphic arts tools. Travel has been a part of Bishop's life experience. Her destinations have taken her across the world, including Japan, Bali, Thailand and Europe. Upon returning, she has created works based on her experiences in these far away locales. On the Road in China is part of an ongoing series where the artist explores the inspirations of travel using a portable digital studio.

Bishop certainly had the opportunity to put the technology to the test. Corporate sponsors such as Alien Skin Software, Apple Computer, August Editions, Extensis Corporation, Iris Graphics, Olympus, UNET Beijing, and VST Technologies all contributed products and services to support Bishop's vision.

Ken Barone, Digital Camera Product Manager, from New York-based Olympus remarks, "Our D-340L Digital Camera works with a PC Card Adapter to provide a seamless solution that is perfect for the photographer on the road." Olympus' sponsorship further illustrates that corporations have a vested
interest in where technology is leading today's artist.

August Editions collaborated with Bishop to create a series of Iris Giclée prints which can be ordered through the artist's web site. "What drives me is the chance to act as a midwife to the creative process by working with the artist to craft precious, intriguing and original works of art," says Christopher August, printmaker and owner of August Editions in San Luis Obispo, California.

Bishop kept a daily journal of her impressions and inspirations. The art, photos and journal work together to capture  the essence of China through the artists eyes. This interactive journal is published online at

The artist created a series of five art pieces as a direct result of the inspirations found in China. Original Iris prints are being crafted in limited editions of 24 on Arches for Iris in paper sizes of 20"x30" and are suitable for gallery exhibition and sale. Contact the artist for more information.

Lyn Bishop lives and works in Sunnyvale, CA. She can be reached at

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Lisa Leonard
da Vinci Media

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