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Printmaking Today

Printmaking Today circulates throughout the UK, Europe and North America as well as selling in Australia and Japan, indeed there is scarcely any major country which does not receive copies. The journal is bought by print workshops, colleges of art & design, editioning houses, museums, galleries and, of course, by printmakers and collectors themselves. Manufacturers and suppliers of printmaking materials also subscribe.

Examples of articles from previous volumes:


Subscriptions are sold by volume, of which one is published in four issues each year.

Volume 8, 1999


  • EC £18.00
  • North America $37.50


  • EC £25.00;
  • North America $48.00

All subscribers elsewhere:

  • £25.00. If paying in a currency other than sterling or US$ please add the equivalent of £7.00 to your cheque for conversion charges.

Single issues are, both from the publisher and on the news-stands, £4.50, US$10.00 and Can $12.00.

Farrand Press, 50, Ferry Street, Isle of Dogs, London E14 3DT, UK. 'phone: +44 (0)171 515 7322, or fax: +44 (0)171 537 3559.

Click here for printable subscription order form.

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