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Material Suppliers and Services.

The Digital Darkroom specialises in transferrring computer graphics files to photographic transparency film.

Printmaking Today - a paper magazine which circulates throughout the UK, Europe and North America as well as selling in Australia and Japan.

R.K.Burt & Company Ltd established in 1893 and is the largest paper merchant in the U.K. specialising in very high quality paper for every type of artist use and printmaking technique.

The Etching Process by Mark Millmore R.E. sponsored by R.K. Burt & Company Ltd

ARTOOLS - Inks, Grounds, Mediums Tools and oils for etching, engraving and collagraphic printmaking.

Artists' General Benevolent Institution - Charity for the support of artists and their families who are in severe difficulty.

The Ottawa School of Art New Approaches to Etching

Penny Black Translations German - English / English - German.

Isabelle Faure Translations French - English / English - French.


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